A Building Survey is the most thorough one available and each one can take several hours to complete. The survey will examine all accessible parts of the property and if you wish to have specific areas looked at this type of survey is the right choice.

You will receive a comprehensive, tailored report, including a survey of visible and potential problems, diagnosis of defects and detailed advice on repairs and maintenance.

It includes an overall assessment, including an opinion and a summary of condition of the building, repairs and suggested further investigations.

Specifically it will include:

  • Major and minor faults found within the property, and the implications that these will have
  • Testing for dampness of the walls and results for these tests
  • Investigation of all accessible woodwork for damp and woodworm and the results of these tests
  • Investigation into the condition of damp proofing, insulation and drainage (when accessible), although the drains will not actually be tested
  • Technical information about how the property was constructed and materials which were used in the process
  • Information about the location of the property
  • Proposals for any further special investigations and subsequent work which may need to be carried out.


Building Surveys do not include a Market Valuation or Rebuilding Cost Estimate as they are often instructed in tandem with a mortgage lender’s Basic Valuation which will already contain these figures.

It is suitable for most types of residential properties but, due to its comprehensive nature, is only usually recommended in place of the lower cost Homebuyer’s Report when the subject property gives particular cause for concern.

Examples of where a Building Survey would be appropriate are where the property is an older property (70+ years), listed, in a state of disrepair or is of unusual construction.  Also, where a property has been significantly altered since its original construction or where major alterations are planned, a Building Survey ought to be considered.