Everyone has an opinion when it comes to buying property. Even the slightest mention of house hunting and I can guarantee that everyone you speak to has a horror story.

Most people will offer sound guidance, and relatives opinions are often sage and wise but probably the best piece of advice is to get a survey done.

Buying your new home is most likely going to be the biggest and most expensive purchase you will ever make. It is therefore vital that before you spend 25 plus years paying off your mortgage that you know as much as possible about the property. Unlike a new car most homes do not come with a guarantee and the responsibility for any repairs are yours.

We don’t mean to be scaremongers but there are many imperfections that might look harmless or inconspicuous but which could actually mean something serious. Conversely something that looks horrendous might really be something simple to fix.

If you look at the statistics at least 20% of homebuyers regret their purchase as there were more problems than they anticipated and, more importantly, they were not budgeted for.

A survey gives you an independent and expert report that provides you with an honest evaluation of the property you want to purchase. Call us on 0800 014 7528 to speak to one of our friendly experts to organise your survey.