Homebuyer Report

A RICS Homebuyer Report is intended for conventionally constructed, residential properties e.g. houses, flats and bungalows, which appear to be in a reasonable condition and have not been subject to significant alterations since construction.

The report will be carried out by a suitably qualified RICS Chartered Surveyor and Registered Valuer. It uses Condition Rating in the form of easy to understand ‘traffic light’ symbols to indicate where issues are identified which require attention and thus helps prospective property purchasers to make well-informed decisions about the house they are considering buying.

The surveyor will give his/her professional opinion on the particular features of the property which affect its present value and may affect its future marketability

A RICS Homebuyer Report concentrates on defects and problems that are urgent or significant however, it does not explore structural aspects to the same extent as a Building Survey nor will it detail remedial works or outline repair options.

The surveyor inspects the inside and outside of the main building and all permanent outbuildings, but does not force or open up the fabric. This means that the surveyor does not take up carpets, floor coverings or floorboards, move furniture, remove the contents of cupboards, roof spaces etc., remove secured panels and/or hatches or undo electrical fittings.

The surveyor may use equipment such as a moisture-meter, binoculars and torch and may use a ladder for flat roofs and for hatches no more than 3 metres above level ground (outside) or floor surfaces (inside) if it is safe to do so.

The surveyor gives an opinion on both the Market Value of the property and the reinstatement cost at the time of the inspection.